Public Sector and Development Consulting Services

Public services must meet a range of customer needs that is more complex and diverse than in any other sector.

In Kenya, over 40 million people can – at any given time – place extraordinary demands  on public services. At the County Government level, this means a customer base of several millions.  While improving service and reducing costs, governments must find different and more innovative ways of providing everything from education, health, local services and transportation to policing, environmental, border and defence.  We bring together teams with expertise across the entire spectrum of public services.

We challenge conventional thinking to deliver exceptional outcomes that create lasting impact for citizens of thesecounties.

More than 47 County Governments provide services
to 40 million people across Kenya. Ashford is working with counties to help them meet these growing demands.

Our services are geared towards County Governments across the Kenya to;

working in partnership with County Governments, we will help them create financial sustainability and find innovative ways to deliver adult social care.

supporting County Governments and quasi-Governmental institutions to transform the way they operate by dramatically improving the customer journey and delivering savings in customer engagement.

Transforming the Way County Governments and other state agencies deliver front-line services through social enterprise, partnership and other innovative models.

Realising tangible savings by implementing a range of anti-fraud measures.

Audit current financial systems and controls, assess weaknesses and recommend improvements. We will assist counties to implement fully the requirements of Public Finance Management Act 2012. This is an act of Parliament, which calls for the effective management of public finances by the national and county governments; the oversight responsibility of Parliament and county assemblies; the different responsibilities of government entities and other bodies.

Honing down on what Counties are good at and sharing common processes – focus on what will make a difference. The counties could engagement us to deliver on non-core activities such as setting up of new systems, internal audit and capacity building.

Customize our solutions to the needs of the community, adopting best practice whilst standardizing processes in an effort to increase efficiency and ease monitoring and evaluation activities

Taking a radical look at how services can be delivered. Explore and work in partnership with counties to establish new-operating models and organizational structures. This is vital in the light of the transition from local authorities where expectations, revenues and devolved services were limited to a new order where counties are expected to deliver more.

Controlling third party expenditure, ensuring compliance, and re-commissioning services. Reduce revenue leakages by establish best practice in line with the requirement of The Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2005 which establishes procedures for efficient Public Procurement and for the disposal of unserviceable, obsolete, or surplus stores, assets and equipment by public entities.

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