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Management Consulting Services

Our management consulting services are comprised of the following:
Strategic business planning – we assist companies in formulating coherent, robust and actionable strategic business plans. In developing strategies for our clients, we adhere to the methodology

shown in the diagram below.


Mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) – we assist in entities who are involved on either side of M&A. Our services are not limited to conducting to due diligence and we are involved in all the stages of a typical M&A deal as shown below.

Project management – Project management is increasingly becoming the single most important determinant of success. This is mainly due to work and indeed job descriptions being increasingly turned to a series of projects. In addition, organisations and departments are at any given time handling many projects simultaneously. To assist our clients, we have developed a methodology that is tailored to ensuring the success of their projects. We have set out our six pillars of project success.

IT Assurance Services – Due to the importance of data and IT systems, it is imperative that companies conduct an independent IT audit to verify the integrity and resilience of their IT systems. To this end, we assist organisations in carrying our independent IT assurance services as highlighted below.

Start-up Services – The effective management of the start-up phase of any business determines the ultimate success of that business. Our services to start-up include:

  • Development of coherent feasibility studies and business plans that are robust and actionable;
  • Instituting nimble and flexible operating structures that are capable of being quickly deployed to existing and new opportunities;
  • Advise on the optimum tax structure and advising on the most immediate and relevant tax effects of transactions;
  • Handling outsourced functions particularly accounting and tax; and Provision of audit and compliance tax services.
  • In order to effectively provide our services, we have developed a “value check” that seeks to analyse the value proposition in any given approach as shown in the diagram below.

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